Welcome to the South Carolina Utilities Coordinating Committee web site; utilities working together for the citizens and utilities of South Carolina by improving the efficiency of operation, maintenance, and construction of utility and roadway infrastructures through communication, discussion of issues, educational opportunities, and facilitating cooperative relationships.

Our Committee shall support and give aid to local utility coordinating groups by providing a forum for these organizations to coordinate or make recommendations on a statewide level. The Committee shall strive to provide a benefit to our group and the local coordinating groups of South Carolina by actively providing educational programs and other communications. We act as a liaison with national and statewide organizations that can impact our utilities.


By-laws for the South Carolina Utilities Coordinating Committee (SCUCC)

The Utility Coordinating Committees (UCC) of South Carolina is organized as a two-tier organization with a state committee and local utilities coordinating committees. The State Committee discusses national and statewide issues and our local committees discuss issues from their service areas.


Our first Utility Coordinating Committee (UCC) of South Carolina was established in April of 1966. See the minutes from our first forum.

* Information shared by parties in our meetings is non-binding and we have no political standing or aspirations.